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All You Need to Know About Lawn Care during Fall

As the days start to get shorter, you might feel that you won’t be able to enjoy your green turf anymore. However, there are lawn care tips you can do in order to keep your grass appealing during this season.

Most homeowners with lawns dread the coming of fall and winter because for them, this time of the year will ruin the colour of their lawn they work so hard to get during the hot summer days. Although, you cannot prevent winter from freezing your yard, there are things you can do to extend the vibrancy of your turf during autumn.

Here is a guide to follow to keep your lawn green all throughout fall and prepared to make a comeback in spring:

  • Mowing Guidelines

During fall season, your lawn care routine should include a change in your mowing practices. The first thing you need to do is decrease the height of your lawn mower. This is especially helpful during the last days of fall. A shorter grass height before winter kicks in will prepare your grass for a better comeback in the spring.

The grass does not grow as fast during this time of the year that is why you don’t have to mow your lawn as often as you have during summer. Only remove a third of the grass blade or less than that. Also, mow during the evening. These practices will prevent your grass from getting shaken.

  • Weeding Guidelines

Weeds can be more aggressive during fall. This is because the green grass starts to become dormant and less active in preparation for winter. This is why it is very important to be on the lookout for these pesky spurs every so often. Make sure to pull them out while you still can because once leaves start to fall and snow comes, it would be so much more difficult to deal with weeds. If you don’t take them out by winter, you might find a less than appealing lawn when spring dawns.

  • Tree Caring Guidelines

Apart from your beautiful grass turf, you should also take care of your trees and shrubs. Before they become dormant during the winter, you should treat them to deep root fertilization.  If you do this, the plants will have enough nutrients to last until spring when you can start caring for them again.  Also, deep nourishment will make it easier for the trees and shrubs to grow faster when the snow melts.

  • Other Guidelines

Take time to clean your lawn from leaves building up. Rake them when needed. Why? Because when you leave the dried leaves to decompose on your lawn, they would absorb the soil’s moisture. When this happens, the decomposing leaves becomes home to insects and pests that may be harmful to other plants.

Air pockets are vital to the soil. Over time, air pockets lessen because soil becomes too compressed. To allow water and nutrients to reach the plants’ roots, there should be enough pockets. Experts say that you should aerate the soil during fall because it is during this time of the year that the lawn would get the most nutrients and water.

The last lawn care tip for your yard for this season is to over seed. This is especially helpful if your grass has bald spots. Over seeding during fall will allow for a more beautiful lawn as you welcome the birds and the bees during spring.…